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Passenger Rail in the U.S.

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All Aboard!

Welcome to the Amtrak community on LiveJournal!

Your community maintainer is dantc

This community is devoted to discussion of all things related to the sole national rail passenger company in the United States. Topics are pretty much wide open: ask questions, swap tips, post travelogues or anecdotes from recent rail trips, post praise, mutter disdain, talk about the ever-present budget issues, discussion of Amtrak employee life and/or management, whatever you want -- as long as it involves the railroad.

Do you work for Amtrak? You might also be interested in joining crew_in_blue, the meeting place for on-board Amtrak crew.

Discussion of VIA Rail Canada topics are welcome here, too!

Discussion of commuter and excursion lines in the U.S. & Canada are welcomed, as are posts about pre-Amtrak passenger rail services.

The rules are simple: No flaming, no virtual fistfights, keep any profanity to a low rumble.

Regarding sales and auctions of rail related items: Permitted, but they must lurk behind an lj-cut tag that BRIEFLY describes the product within, subject lines must start with FOR SALE: or FOR AUCTION:, commercial posts not following these guidelines will be deleted without notice.

Community rules change and evolve with the community, so these items aren't set in stone.

Once again, welcome aboard!